About us

Pealrite Documents is an online documents solution provider that helps transporters in getting KRA licenses

We are driven by innovation and customer satisfaction  in helping thousands of transporters in processing their KRA licenses online with ease and convenience.

Our services

  We process:

  1.   C[28] Transit goods License[tgl]
    1. Replace lost TGL
    1. Changing of either  the trailer or the Prime mover on the TGL

     2   C{40} License for vehicle conveying  good under customs

     3    Local Goods letters

  • Letters for closed body trucks
  • Letters for open trucks[Barua ya Hema}
  • Letters for exports for closed body trucks
  • Letters for Exports for open trucks

Till number  532550

    Email:tgls@pealrite.co.ke Call/Whatsapp: 0726381684